President’s Note


Lindsey Graham, coloratura soprano

I want to thank our crowd at the February Valentine’s Concert.  It was a great house, and the singers and performers were very well received.   There was even a Letter to the Editor of the Naples Daily News printed on Valentine’s Day by Bonnie Epperly-Trudel.  We appreciate the kind words!  I knew the crowd seemed happy leaving the program, but I didn’t realize they were trying to “Glitter and Be Gay!”  Way to go, Lindsey Graham.

It is particularly rewarding to have participating young singers who are finishing high school and preparing for their next step in musical education.  Job well done to Johanne Nordilus and Elizabeth Drugan, both of whom are studying with NOS Board member, Jean Seidel.  Brava!

We appreciate the beautiful singing and contributions of Janet Ortenzo, Lindsey Graham, Livio Ferrari, and Dr. Ron Doiron to the Valentine recital.

The Season is always filled with musical fun and fundraisers for wonderful nonprofit organizations.  I have just finished singing “The True Story of Cinderella” for the Symphonic Mastersingers of Fort Myers.  No, Cinderella was Beth Wininger, who will be joining us on March 8 at the NOS concert.  She totally captured vocally and physically the beauty of the classical fairytale princess.  I, on the other hand, have reached the age of the “Old King”.  You might find my first lines amusing…  “I’m a King who’s approching senility; I have lost all my youthful facility…”   To this, old baritones come!

Dr. Jeanie Darnell

My next fundraiser is for “Laces for Love” in support of shoes for needy children.  Could there be a better cause?  Stilettos for sopranos?  At this event at least I get to sing music for a younger baritone, Raoul and Christine, from Phantom of the Opera.  Christine is sung by Dr. Jeanie Darnell, head of the vocal department at FGCU Bower School of Music and NOS Board member.  We really can blow out this Broadway sound in the grand opera tradition.  Could the Phantom really over take Tristan and Isolde? It’s fun. 

Our March concert will feature classic opera arias by Mozart, Puccini, Offenbach, as well as fun operetta arias by Franz Lehar and other composers.   More information will follow about the program.  We will try to be listed in the local calendars so our visiting friends will find us.

The last concert setting was amusing.  A theatre set was on stage at the Norris Center, with a piano mid-stage.  The floor of the stage had carpet for the set. Everything was eating up the sound.  Soon, we will sing for you from inside of a teddy bear. We’ll sing loud, promise!  (Ron Bowman)

About Ron Bowman

Ron Bowman holds a doctorate in vocal performance from Florida State University, and is currently the Vice President of Student Development at Hodges University in Naples, Florida. He has taught for over 28 years in higher education, and frequently performs in opera, concerts, and for the Naples Opera Society.
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